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I've spent most of my adult life as a family and wedding photographer. In my career of over 30 years, I photographed many different types of portraits and my only goal in capturing that portrait was to capture the "essence" of the person(s) or family I was photographing.


I always enjoyed using my long lenses to capture a quiet or intimate moment between a groom and his bride or a parent and their child(ren), and although I'm no longer a family, wedding, or portrait photographer, I have a passion for flower portraits and I thrive on getting to know my flower subjects and capturing their "essence".

the journey


As a photographer, you can take an image that is technically correct, but has no life (or heart), or you can start by using your heart to see something so unique about your subject that it moves you to capture its essence and beauty in a way that evokes emotion in the viewer. If you want to be a photographer that is more than just technically correct, you will need to take a journey, "from the heart to the lens".


Clearly, you need to know and understand the technical side of photography but just as importantly, you need to develop a sense of what tugs at your heart and draws your attention in a way that won't leave you alone. Then, whatever that subject is, you need to pursue it, learn about it, and then capture it with a sense of passion.


For me, that passion revolves around flowers and I have learned not to even put my eye to the viewfinder until a flower beckons me in a way that makes me powerless to resist its beauty. Then I can use my camera to capture what my heart sees.


Of course, capturing the subject is just the beginning because no image is complete without finishing it. But, if you are identifying with what I have written here, I would encourage you to click on the Education link to find out how you can learn photography and photo-finishing right along with me as we make the journey from the heart to the lens.



THANK YOU FOR everything you are TEACHING Us, ROSIE. i have learned more in one month than i have in the last five years combined..... kt

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