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Hands-On Learning:

In addition to my “on-hands” Workshops, I offer one-to-one online learning for Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. Here’s how it works …

  • You complete the Online Learning Reservation Form by choosing 3 possible dates/times that work for you and then make your payment in full. If none of the dates/times you've selected can be confirmed, we will refund your money immediately.
  • You will receive a link to share up to four photos you would like to work on during your session.
  • You will receive an email with the link for your Photoshop Online Learning session. About 5 minutes prior to your scheduled start time on the day of your appointment, simply click the link in the email and you will be logged into the meeting.
  • Once you are online, you will see my welcome screen and after a few moments to discuss how you want to proceed, I will connect you to my computer with the latest version of Photoshop. You will be able to converse with me, ask questions, and watch as I teach you the process you want to learn. You will also have the opportunity to "try out" what I've taught you, if you so desire.
  • Every possible attempt is made to record your session. Within 24 hours of your Photoshop Online session, you will receive a link to watch and/or download the video of your live session. If you do not download your video, the link will disappear after 30 days. Note: these videos are for your personal use only. Sharing, copying, and/or reselling the videos is a violation of the United States Copyright Law and punishable by law.

Here's a coupon code to get you started. If you purchase a 30 minute session, I will give you an extra 15 minutes complimentary. Just use the Coupon Code "45FOR45". Click this link to book a Photoshop Online Session.


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Be empowered by learning the basics of perfecting your flower image for color and exposure correction for free

In the days of film, the photographer's job began and ended with the photoshoot. Then the lab took over. They perfected the color/exposure, printed the images and sent them back to the photographer for distribution. But that is no longer the case.


Today, it's the photographer's responsibility to photograph and do the color/exposure correction if they truly want to have “finished” images. No matter how good of a photographer you are, there will always be a need to perfect your images and frankly, there is no better place than Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw to do that. Once the color and exposure have been dealt with, the need may exist to remove blemishes or imperfections from the flower and perhaps go even farther by removing distractions or adding a texture to the background of your image.


Before you can even think about moving into Photoshop to do even the most simple task, you must understand how to bring your image to the point of color and exposure perfection. Using Photoshop on your image prior to color/exposure correction is like putting the cart before the horse.


I am so passionate about photographers learning to perfect their images for color and exposure, I have made a commitment to ensure that this basic information is available to all photographers at no cost. And because I am a flower photographer first, the complimentary videos offered here demonstrate these very important color and exposure perfection techniques with flower images.


The 3 core videos for perfecting color and exposure can be found below. When you have developed a heart-familiarity with the basics taught in these videos, consider taking your photo-finishing techniques to a new level of excellence by viewing additional titles from my Vimeo OnDemand Video Series, "Perfecting Your Flower Images". You've invested time and money in your photographic equipment and perhaps workshops that have taught you how to capture flower images in the best possible way; now invest in learning how to make those images shine with perfection!






  • A common mistake photographers make when photographing is not getting the exposure just right in camera, but the greater mistake is that they haven't learned to "see" that the exposure is off. In this video, you will begin the journey in learning to "see" or "recognize" exactly where your flower image is under or over exposed.
  • I will demonstrate the reason why "Auto" Exposure does not work in your favor in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw.
  • Using a "recipe" that I have developed for obtaining perfect exposure in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, I will demonstrate the ease in which you can correct the exposure of your image by using the Exposure Sliders in a specific and complimentary order.




  • Another important element of a photograph often not "seen" by photographers is white balance or how too much of a specific color is affecting their image. Is it too warm, too cool, or does it have a color cast that's ruining the appeal of the image?
  • In this video, I will demonstrate three different ways to obtain white balance in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. Once you see the three different techniques that can be used, you will be able to try different color looks for your image and determine what suits your specific taste for the image you are perfecting.




  • The power of the Adjustment Brush will bring you into the realm of "local adjustments" as opposed to "global adjustments" for both color and exposure.
  • This video picks up where the previous two videos left off and I will explain and demonstrate how to correct areas of under or over exposure or color inconsistency in your image that could not be fixed using the "global" adjustment method. The Adjustment Brush is found in both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw and its power is unparalleled for image color and exposure perfection!



  • If you have ever had a problem getting yosdfur background textures to fit on your flower image, this video is sure to help you dial-in just the right fix to get a perfect background in place.

perfecting your flower images

step-by-step education in the art of "perfecting" your flower images

In my OnDemand Video Series, "Perfecting Your Flower Images", I will pickup where the complimentary videos left off so that you can learn how to easily make other enhancements to your flower images in Photoshop. I thoroughly demonstrate simple, yet powerful techniques that will help you take your images to a new level of excellence. You may rent a single title for 48 hours, all titles for 30 days, or purchase one video or the entire series for unlimited 24/7/365 access. Click this link to visit The Joy of Flower Photography Video OnDemand Page .


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If you are a member of The Joy of Flower Photography Group, you will find "Mini" Session Videos here.

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